Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fashion Essentials 2013

I. TOPSHOP Petite High Waisted Hotpants & TOPSHOP MOTO Bleach 50s Hotpants - $56 -  II. Prada Oversized Cat's Eye Sunglasses - $245 -  III. Material Girl Shoes, Solar Flat Thong Sandals (Coral & Black) - $45 -  IV. Hervé Léger Cutout Bandage Swimsuit & Hervé Léger Tamara Swimsuit - $370 & $670 - & V. Victoria's Secret Studded Backpack - $30 -  VI. Gucci Wool Felt Wide Brimmed Hat - $525 -
Well here it is, my Summer Fashion Essentials 2013! I didn't follow any rules or trends that are in at the moment, I just simply chose what I liked & thought would be great picks for this years summer. My first pick are a must for the hot weather & as well as a great way to show off your beautifully tanned legs. Dresses are also a great piece to just pop on & head out! Sunglasses are such a great accessory that can change any outfit or add a little extra something. When heading out to the beach or festivals it's nice to have a light pair of shoes, so that you can take a break from those tall tiring heels. I've also chosen a backpack for a few reason, one being that it was just so cute & the color was so eye catching to me. A cute hang bag or shoulder bag would be cute too if you prefer something more light. I like that the backpack is great for putting all your things such as a camera, laptop, keys, snacks & more! A hat can provide protection from the sun & just like the sunglasses can change an outfit. If you have  a very basic outfit, adding a hat can change the style completely. If you wanted to add something a bit more colorful too, that would be great. And lastly, bathing suits, are a definite must for summer fashion. I've been in love with cutouts lately & I think these bathing suits are just phenomenal! You'll definitely be catching some stares in these & if feel like these are a bit overdramatic, you could easily substitute it for a class one or two piece bathing suit of your choice. When it comes to bathing suits, its whatever makes you feel comfortable & beautiful, no bathing suit is in or out of style!

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