Monday, April 8, 2013

Tough Girl

1. Label Lab Chiffon Split Back Tee - $59 -  2. 30 Inch Dark Blue Denim Skinny Jeans - $15 -  3. Adriannah Skull Stud Work Biker Boot - $80 -  4. Safah Black Studded Pull On Biker Boot - $80 -  5. Maison Martin Margiela Line 11 Four Finger Rings - $440 -  6. MAC Pro Nude & Metallics Spring/Summer Collection (Colors Unknown) - $15
I have been in love with the whole laid back grungy style lately & I think that it's here to stay! For todays polyvore set I put together this, that features picks like biker boots, but I toned it down with some creme colors. I really do love these both together, because it shows a tough side & a slightly more girly side all in one. This outfit is great for everyday or even to run errands, but you can tone it down or up as much as you like, maybe even switch out the boots or top to your personal taste. It really is extremely versatile. You can also play around with your makeup as much as you like, I chose to keep it in the cremes, because I wanted a more softer look, but you can maybe pop on some red lipstick for a more sexier look. Adding little or no jewelry is also something that I decided to keep minimal in this outfit, because I feel that it's better to play around with your makeup than adding big chunky bracelets, flashy earrings, etc. I hope you all enjoyed my set & even though I had originally planned to do a haul,  I am really excited to make more sets! Let me know what you think & I hope all of you are having an amazing day!

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